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Radon Solutions
What do I do if I have high radon levels?

If you have completed a radon test and have discovered that the radon levels in your home are above safe levels, we will work to ensure the level of radon in your home is quickly diminished.

How does Point-The-Way reduce the radon levels in my home?


Some common methods used to reduce radon to safe levels include:

  • Active Sub-Slab Depressurization 

  • Active Sub-Membrane Depressurization

  • Crawl Space Depressurization

  • Sump-Hole Depressurization

All methods used also include sealing major entry routes for radon, which may include: open sumps, floor drains, service entry points into the building, exposed soil, cracked concrete and cold joints.  An onsite survey which is completed during the quote process can locate many of these issues and will be included as part of your entire radon reduction system.   

Another mitigation technique we may recommend is installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV) which, through increased ventilation, will help to reduce the levels of radon in your home. 

Our certified professionals will discuss the best options to help keep you and your family safe.

What To Expect: Radon Mitigation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is your service area for installing radon reduction systems?

Point-The-Way is able to quote, design and install radon systems anywhere within British Columbia. Additional charges may apply based on travel, time and distance expenses. Our business is centrally located in Summerland, BC.

  • Does the installed fan have to run all the time?

Yes, the fan will run 24 hours a day to ensure the radon is constantly being directed outside of the home

  • How long will the system last?

The system is designed and built to be in place for the life of the home. Point-The-Way offers a 5 year total warranty on the entire radon system including the fan. When using your radon system properly (running the fan continuously 365 days a year, 24 hours a day) the fans are projected to run for 10 years and more.  Using high quality fans in conjunction with a professional installation will go a long way to ensure a trouble free radon system for years to come! 

  • What happens to the radon that is being blown outside?

Once exposed to fresh outdoor air, radon disperses so quickly that it is not dangerous.

  • How long will it take to mitigate the radon in my home?

Because each home is different in terms of structure and soil conditions, each mitigation project is pre-planned and a proposed schedule is given with each of our quotes. All radon mitigations consist of a two-person team, and over 80% of our projects are completed within 1 working day.  

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